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Over the past 30 years, Waller Marine has provided a wide range of services to the marine and offshore oil and gas industries, from general design and engineering to management of projects and turnkey construction contracts. The Company provides unique solutions to the traditional marine and offshore drilling and production industries. Solutions to client problems have even extended to land based industries that seek to venture into the marine environment. Waller Marine is a forward-looking company, producing technical and economic solutions for clients that considered that solutions were not available to them.

From the mundane to what might be considered impossible,
Waller Marine is ready to serve with professionalism and integrity
. While meeting the every day needs of vessel owners, Waller Marine tends to push the technological envelope with new and different ways of doing things, whether it be the transportation of oil, floating gas-to-liquids facilities or generating electrical energy in offshore environs, unusual solutions are found that meet the protocols and regulatory boundaries that are imposed on the industry.
220 MW Combined Cycle Power Barge - Hyundai Engineering Co., LTD.
220 MW combined cycle power barge - Hyunai Engineering Co., LTD
115 MW simple cycle power barge - Guayaquil, Equador
115 MW Simple cycle Power Barge - Guayaquil, Equador
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Company History

Waller Marine sets the standards for quality in the offshore Iindustry.
Since 1974, Waller Marine, Inc. has set the standard or high quality in Naval Architecture and Marine Services. The Company employs a diverse group of professionals to satisfy the multiple discipline practices associated with design, construction management, regulatory assistance, project development and contractual compliance.

Traditional and unique Naval Architecture principals for the cornerstone of Waller Marine, inc. The Company has years of experience in the traditional design of cargo vessels, cargo barges, integrated tug/barge units and offshore drilling vessels. Waller Marine, Inc. uses the newest technology in developing
FPS and FPSO designs to meet the Client's individual requirements, and employs the latest engineering software for it's traditional naval architectural work and structural analysis in support of the company's designs and regulatory compliance.
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