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Maritime Links to Resources and Information
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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Visit Marine Waypoints' Great Circle Distance Calculator
Marine Waypoints
Use Marine Waypoints' Great Distance Calculator to determine journey distance between destinations in Nautical Miles, Statute Miles and Kilometers.
The SNAME Web Site
Maritime Global Net
MGN is the maritime industry's longest running portal site and provides users with easy, unrestricted access to maritime information, products, and services.
Maritime Global Net
Quest Offshore Resources Web Site
Quest Offshore Resources
Quest has created the world’s largest repository of data detailing forecast and active Deepwater Projects worldwide focused on Subsea, Floating Production, Deepwater Pipelines, Umbilicals... they've got a sweet Conversion Calculator as well!
The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Infomarine Maritime Directory
Lloyd's Register web site
Marine Log - Marine Industry News
Marine Log
America's most respected marine industry monthly.
Infomarine on-line
Infomarine was founded by marine professionals in 1997 with the sole purpose of acting as a worldwide internet virtual portal exclusively for the marine industry.
ITF Seafarers Website
ITF Seafarers
Seafarers' port of call online.
World Shipping Register Online
World Shipping Register
WSR offers a great Sea Distances and Voyage Calculator, and a comprehensive database of Ships Documents (ship common forms) as well as information about World Sea Ports, Shipping Companies and Ships.