Waller Marine, Inc.
Marine Salvage
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Waller Marine, Inc. supports the marine salvage industry with consulting services offering sometimes-unique technical solutions to the salvage of vessels and drilling rigs.  

Support of the salvage industry and vessel owners also includes the preparation of computer-based models of barges and ships for load monitoring and to provide quick response capability to owners and salvers to determine vessel condition and solutions when a collision or sinking event occurs.
Often Waller Marine is asked to perform a marine salvage operation itself, such as the recent repair and salvage in 2007 of the oil barge, DBL 152, which WMI undertook with it's own personnel as described below.
Image of vessel run aground
DBL 152 Project

Waller Marine recently completed the marine salvage operation of the 160,000 bbl tank barge DBL 152 at a location in the Port of Chickasaw, Alabama. The 20,000-dwt barge, having dimensions of 442 feet in length, 76 feet beam and 44 feet to the Trunk Deck, capsized in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the hull striking a submerged object when fully loaded with bunker fuel.

Verde metals of Brownsville, Texas eventually purchased the barge for salvage and possible reuse. After having the oil removed and still in the overturned position, Waller repaired the damaged tank tops and bottom shell plating created by the accident and subsequent oil removal to ABS survey, and proceeded to plan the up-righting of the barge.

Salvage operations were based upon a complex sequence of lifting the hull on air and simultaneous ballasting and the positioning and attachment of high holding-power anchors and powerful winches. The barge was successfully rotated to a position where the hull took a 90 degree angle to the water and then dramatically rotated to the upright in the confined slip in the Port of Chickasaw, Mobile, Alabama.
Image of the DBL 152 topside exposed
Image of the DBL 152 before right-sided
Image of the DBL 152 being flipped
Image of the DBL 152 being flipped
Image of the DBL upright!
The DBL 152 upright!