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Floating Power

Innovative Thinking. Sound Engineering

WMI has led the world in the design and construction of Floating Power Plants (FPPs) with both diesel and gas turbine generating technology in simple cycle and combined cycle applications. We have designed, engineered and constructed what are today the world’s largest FPPs: the 220 MW combined cycle FPP installed in India and the 342 MW simple cycle FPP installed in Venezuela.

WMI’s designs have applied gas turbines from most of the major manufacturers of aero derivative and industrial gas turbines in its range of FPP designs varying from 30 MW simple cycle to 500 MW combined cycle units, some with LNG regasification capability. We continue to innovate as the energy industry evolves to offer new and alternative power generation equipment. The Company is also in the early stages of designing very large combined cycle FPPs on the order of 1000 MW using “H” Class industrial machines with LNG storage and regasification.

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WMI’s most recent flagship project being the full engineering, construction and delivery and installation of the FPPs Margarita I and Josefa Rufina I to Tacoa, Venezuela, which together comprise  the world's largest floating power generation facility applying large capacity GE 7FA industrial gas turbines. The two power barges were built at Signal International's shipyard in Orange, Texas. Waller Marine also designed, constructed and installed an offshore 360,000 barrel floating diesel storage and demineralized facility to serve the generation facility.

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Launching of the vessels at Orange culminated a fast-track engineering, procurement and construction program undertaken by Signal and Waller. The exceptional ability of Waller Marine to manage the overall project in the shipyard was evident by meeting the 180-day delivery mark.

Floating Power: Services

Turning Challenges into Solutions

Challenge us. We'll design a solution for you

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Our design portfolio includes a 220 MW combined cycle floating power plant using aero-derivative technology installed in Mangalore, India. Other designs that are in operation throughout the world use industrial turbines, heavy fuel diesel engines and steam turbines. Current design work is being carried out on even larger power barges; a 520 MW combined cycle facility for U.S. installation and a modularized Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant, using petcoke and coal gasification technology. Waller Marine provides turnkey designs and project management services for barge-mounted power plants and full EPC services, from design to installation.

  • 106M x 55.2M x 6M ABS Classed Barge

  • 4-LM 6000 Gas Turbines

  • Chilled Inlet Air

  • 4-Once Through Steam Generator

  • 55 MW Steam Turbine Generator

  • 6-Transformers

240MW Combined Cycle.jpg

We continue to work with gas turbine manufacturers for application of the newest power generation equipment to floating barges to maximize efficiency and reduced the overall footprint. Conceptual designs are available for power generation facilities ranging from 25 to 500 MW.


In addition to floating power facilities which are located near shore for facilitated electricity transmission, Waller Marine also have designs for jack-up power generation facilities, where the generating facilities can be co-located with natural gas resources with electricity transmission to shore via subsea cables. 

Offshore applications can also facilitate approach by fuel-carrying ships, such as LNG carriers, reducing the costs of infrastructure for maneuvering, docking, etc.

Floating Power: Services
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