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Naval Architecture and Engineering

Quality and Efficiency.

WMI leverages its multi-discipline experience with the help of advanced proprietary software to approach challenges creatively and economically. Our personnel are equipped to provide marine technical and regulatory support to its clients in all areas of marine transportation, facilities and the offshore oil and gas industries. We also work closely with industry regulatory bodies including the major classification Societies, the US Coast Guard and other international agencies to ensure all designs conform to relevant standards and protocols.

Naval Architecture and Engineering: Services
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Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture is the cornerstone of the company’s 40 plus years of operation. The founder and owner of WMI comes from a strong background of ship design and construction, and holds design and engineering in high regard. Although our business has evolved throughout time, our roots are providing quality designs to all our clients.


Marine Engineering

Through the use of superior talent and advanced software, WMI excels at tackling the engineering challenges of floating and bottom resting vessels. Whether it be advanced propulsion systems, power generation (large and small capacities), LNG fueling systems or other complex marine engineering problems, WMI has in-depth technical knowledge, while building great working relationships with equipment providers and subcontractors.

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Engineering and Architecture Applications

The assessment of loads and accelerations applied to marine installations when anchored and in transport is just an example of a simple application of Waller Marine's naval architecture and marine engineering expertise. WMI has the ability to perform customized simulations to ensure the structural integrity of diverse marine vessels and facilities.

Naval Architecture and Engineering: Services
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Vessel Design

WMI uses its experience in the marine industy to push the envelope of vessel design for a broad range of applications. Our experience allows us to tackle a wide variety of operational and service challenges. From jack-ups to ice breakers to ATB’s, WMI possesses extensive industry know-how.

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A critical aspect to all projects at WMI is stability, especially in the case of novel designs where sea-worthiness must be confirmed from the beginning. Safety of crew and equipment is always our number one priority and dictates decisions in all offshore applications.

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Structural Analysis

Commercially available FEA (Finite Element Analysis) revolutionized the design process of many industries. We take full advantage of this ever developing technology to provide fast, accurate, and safe designs to all our clients.

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Process Layout & Piping

Our multi-discipline naval architecture and engineering team integrates process layout and piping with requirements of the marine environment. This also gives us the ability to contemplate new designs in-house, providing clients with the most efficient method for tackling problems.

Naval Architecture and Engineering: Services
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