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Small-scale LNG

Pushing the boundaries

The principals of WMI have a long association with LNG ship transportation beginning with the construction of the Methane Princess in the 1960's. This association progressed through the 1980's with consultation on the construction of the nine El Paso ships built during the 1970's, investigation  and analysis of different LNG containment systems for the US Maritime Administration and the design of an LNG delivery system to Hawaii in the 1970s. The Company has participated in rejuvenation of the LNG business in the early 2000's and continues this program today, designing small scale LNG systems including: export terminals, small scale liquefaction facilities, storage, small scale transport ships and LNG ATB's. Our LNG ATB RV system is designed to act as an import/storage facility as well as its transport component for fueling power plants.

Small Scale LNG: Services

Waller Marine has been ahead of its time in the LNG space, and continues to lead the industry by providing solutions to small-scale LNG transport and bunkering. However, our experience in the industry is starting to generate dividends as ship operators are forced to study alternative fuels to meet upcoming emission regulations, where there has been a major push to LNG fueled ships.

With the introduction of more LNG-fueled vessels and growing demand for LNG has a marine fuel, Waller Marine has found itself in a strategic position to establish itself as a reference in the small-scale LNG industry for transport, bunkering and delivery/regasification.

Some highlights of our experience in the LNG industry include:

  • The first company to acquire an "Approval in Principal" from the American Bureau of Shipping for its LNG articulated tug-barge (ATB) design to be used for LNG bunkering service (2015).

  • The first company to produce a fully approved contract package for an LNG ATB (2015).

  • The first company whose LNG ATB design was approved for construction (2017).

  • The first to acquire an "Approval in Principal" from the American Bureau of Shipping for its FLNG design which consisted of conversion of an existing LNG carrier to a floating liquifaction facility in 2008.

Small Scale LNG: Services

Integrated Power and Fuel Infrastructure

Small Scale LNG: Headliner
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By leveraging our expertise in the floating power and LNG distribution industries, Waller Marine can provide turnkey solutions for distributed power. This system of distributed generation is highly advantageous among island nations and in extremely isolated locations, where infrastructure is limited.

By having the know-how in  fuel delivery systems and power generation systems, WMI is in a strategic position for project development. In addition to in-house developments in the value chain, we actively assist developers in the small-scale LNG space, often times integrated with floating power.

Small Scale LNG: Services
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