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Process Marinization

Process Application to the Marine Environment

Waller Marine has been known to provide innovative solutions to solve complex problems surrounding the oil & gas and power industries, often times developing solutions not previously found in industry. Our deep knowledge of the marine environment integrated with other technical disciplines allow Waller Marine to identify potential problems and offer solutions to issues otherwise not considered. Clients with new and innovative ideas are therefore a perfect fit for utilizing Waller Marine's services for project development. 

Examples of these types of projects range from more traditional projects such as cable-lay barges and floating LNG-fueled power generation, to more challenging projects including floating desalination systems, floating refinery capacity, floating gas-to-liquids projects and others. 

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Integrated Power and Fuel Infrastructure


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Floating methanol production

Waller Marine was responsible for the early design of an offshore floating gas to methanol facility in the 1980’s for the US Department of Transportation during the gasoline lead phase down period and the introduction of MTBE as an oxygenate. This 3,000 MT/D design was specifically focused on monetizing remote offshore gas resources to provide competitively priced methanol into the market. Designs have progressed in cooperation with major methanol technology providers, including Lurgi, Haldor Topsoe, Davey McKee and the proprietary technology of Starchem Technologies which utilized enriched air in the place of cryogenic oxygen, an important factor for the safety of the vessel. These designs have increased the capacity of the plants to 5,000 MT/D and 12,000 MT/D.

100MM gpd Desal Vsl with 200MW power.jpg

Floating seawater desalination

There is an increasing need for fresh water globally in both developed and undeveloped countries. WIM has designed and constructed offshore floating seawater desalinization plants for water supply to power plants and has taken this experience to produce concept designs for large capacity (up to120 million gallons per day) environmentally compliant offshore desalinization plants with subsea pipelines for supply to shore-side distribution. These patent pending designs are suitable for offshore installation anywhere in the world.

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Near-shore crude oil refining

Waller has considerable experience in the design and application of diverse oil & gas and petrochemical technologies to the marine industry, as well as multi-discipline professional expertise that integrates process experts with marine and naval professionals that permits the delivery of practical solutions to complex problems.
Near-shore crude oil refining permits the in-country production of refined products where large quantities are not required. The concept provides the ability to produce a selection of refined products that suits a countries particular market thus limiting the need to import small quantities at high cost due to transportation and handling.  
The concept provides solutions for applications of crude oil refining and GTL technologies to floating barges to clients looking to leverage the reduced costs of building the facility in a controlled shipyard environment in contrast to a green field stick-built plant in a remote location of the world.

Process Marinization: Services
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